Peer Review 6 Week 9

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Jesse, I thought your blog post this week was very thought-provoking and interesting. I, too agree with the idea that George Elliot uses the Characters in Silas Marner as a way of critiquing the value of material wealth in comparison to true wealth, in which Silas finds in his relationship with Eppie. The inclusion of your discovery of Shakespearean literature was fascinating and something I am yet to experience. One thing I would suggest is proof-reading your blog post before publishing as there were a couple of typos and grammatical errors which could have easily been prevented, specifically the capitalisation of proper nouns such as Silas Marner in the first line and Shakespeare in the last paragraph. Aside from this, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post this week. Well done!


Peer Review 5 Week 8

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Danielle, I thought your explanation of the art gallery visit was interesting and well written, and I felt like your description of the two paintings brought them to life and captured the essence of the artworks well. I too thought ‘the widower’ by Sir Luke Fildes was a standout in the gallery and found myself agreeing with your description of the piece. While it is ‘bleak in colour and void of joy’ it really is beautiful in the way that it captures the hardship and struggles of this family. There were a couple of grammatical errors for example standout is one word, and a there needed to be a comma after glance and feet, but those are just minor issues in a well- written and engaging blog post. Can’t wait to read more from you. Well done!

Peer Review 4 Week 7

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Josh, I chose to comment on your blog post this week because I found myself agreeing with everything that you were saying. While I focused on a different question for my blog post, I found that we had both come to the same conclusion, that utilitarianism stifles imagination and human emotion. Your argument was engaging as it was direct and straight to the point. There was a few word that could have been changed to make the argument flow better, but overall I thought your blog post was an excellent critique of Mr Gradgrind’s approach to teaching and utilitarianism. I can’t wait to read more from you in the next few weeks, well done!

Peer Review 3 Week 6

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Beatrice, I thought your blog post this week was an excellent critical piece on education in the Victorian Era. Through your comprehensive description, I was able to form a mental image of the mid-nineteenth-century classroom and how this compares to the classroom that Dickens is describing in Hard Times. You were able to provide a sketch of education or lack thereof during this time while weaving in your personal experiences and opinions making the piece both informative and interesting to read. It was confronting to read that children who were considered ‘slow’ at school were forced to wear a dunce hat and it got me thinking about how far education has come since this time. Maybe next time just be a little more mindful of your punctuation and word choice as there were a few grammatical errors but other than that I really enjoyed your piece and can’t wait to read more from you. Well done!

Peer Review 2 Week 5

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Hi Jessica,

I thought your blog post this week showed a real passion for gender issues. I, too agree with your comment about Emma giving in to the expectations of this period and how this juxtaposes with our modern society. It was fascinating to understand Emma’s character from your perspective. Overall, I enjoyed reading your blog post and I’m very excited to read more from you in the coming week.

Peer Review 1 Week 4

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Your blog post was clearly written and very thorough in its exploration of the Romantic period. Although there is a lot of information available on the Romantic period, I found your blog post, in particular, helped to clarify some of my own misconceptions on this literary period. Your analysis of the techniques used in both poems accentuates the significance of nature, thus, allowing you to arrive at your conclusion.
Aside from a couple of grammatical errors, your blog post was very well written and I am excited to read more from you in the future.

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