Blog 7 Week 9

CRITICAL- Find a number of web resources for Silas Marner that help to give a sense of the wider context of this novel.

The Oxford Dictionary defines context as ‘the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.’  In order for one to truly understand and appreciate Silas Marner, one must have an informed understanding of the context of the novel.

Here is a list of web resources that will help one understand the greater context of George Eliot’s extraordinary novel.

  1. Sparknotes on the context of Silas Marner – What would this list be without the inclusion of Sparknotes. This website gives the reader a basic understanding of George Eliot’s personal context.
  2. Enotes on Silas Marner’s context – Brief context of the novel in terms of gender roles.
  3. Jiffynotes on the Historical context of Silas Marner- – Simple description of the historical context of the novel.
  4. Place and period in George Elliot’s Silas Marner by Dylan Black- – A thorough description of the time period and setting of the novel.
  5. YouTube video on Silas Marner’s context – A good YouTube video that gives contextual information on Silas Marner specifically focusing on George Elliot’s critique of the church, the industrial revolution and class systems in England.
  6. Silas Marner: A study of Transition – A detailed description of context and themes within George Eliot’s novel
  7. Chapter 24 of the Cambridge history of the English Novel: George Eliot’s past and present: emblematic histories by Barry V. Qualls – This chapter is good for those who want to go beyond the context of the novel as it also discusses narrative form including language and voice.





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