Blog 6 Week 8

CREATIVE- You are the scholar gypsy. Explain to your friends why you have decided to run away from conventional education

Eight reasons why I have decided to stray from conventional education.

  1. To avoid the strange disease of modern life: Conventional education fosters the strange disease of modern life. Humans gradually become lost in the hustle of work, education, facts, figures, and routines, slowly losing their sense of self in the process.
  2. To become one with nature: Conventional education and modern life as a whole is void of the kind of beauty and purity found in nature.
  3. To search for the meaning of life: I simply cannot find the meaning of life which I so longingly yearn for in books. Instead, books, knowledge and contemporary education have driven me away from the important aspects of my life and have left me feeling isolated and empty.
  4. You can’t learn everything from books: You can learn more through experiences and human interactions than any book can teach you. I have learned life’s biggest lessons outside of the classroom and no novel, teacher or class, no matter how great people claim they are could have taught me these same life lessons.
  5. To search for a simpler life: Conventional education emphasises the condition of the modern world. But I am drawn to a simpler life, one that I have found with the gypsies, one negated of the complexities, pressures, and complications of modern life.
  6. Convention education does not provide a holistic experience: Conventional education focuses on facts and figures, exams and memorization. It has developed my understanding of facts, but it has not developed me as a person or my emotional, mental and spiritual state. Instead, it just transforms students into robots that can recite facts and take tests.
  7. To avoid pressure and competition: Conventional education pits students against each other to determine their level of intelligence. Let’s suppose that a talented young artist and a brilliant mathematician are both given the same math’s exam, the young gentleman blessed with superb mathematics skills will pass with flying colour’s while the young artist who flourishes in art and drama is not mathematically inclined and struggles to complete the test. This simple, hypothetical example highlights the flaws in the education system as each student excels in different areas.
  8. It destroys creativity: The fact-based approach of conventional education diminishes creativity. Thus, humans lose their ability to use their imagination and think creatively.

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  1. Hey Alina!

    I found myself reading your blogs again and thinking to myself, that I too stand with the points you’ve made in this piece. First of all, I really like the way you’ve outlined your work into 8 different key points, which allowed me to see the different aspects bordering your thoughts and ideas as the Scholar Gypsy. I believe when I wrote my blog about this topic, I seemed to draw on similar points surrounding this notion, especially the idea that, “You can’t learn everything from books: You can learn more through experiences and human interactions than any book can teach you.”
    The only suggestion I would have, is to at the beginning or end of your piece, is to include a couple of sentences in prose, which would add some more rhythm into it. This would create a flowing sensation and I feel, would represent what the scholar gypsy was about, free and nomadic. To be fair, this was a very interesting and exciting blog to read, and I sure can’t wait to read more of them!



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