Blog 3 Week 5

CREATIVE- Write a paragraph describing your own city or suburb using some of the literary language techniques that we have seen working in Charles Dickens.


I stare at the city as I take a sip of my now lukewarm coffee. This city that I have called home for the past 17 years seems so new and exhilarating like a stranger that I am meeting for the first time. The stresses of life have caused me to absentmindedly forget or maybe block out the beauty that surrounds me.

Images of the storm from the day prior fill my mind. In a matter of 24 hours, it rained, it hailed, and it shone… but maybe not in that exact order. The air crisp and clean still with a hint of moisture rustles through my hair. The scent of eucalyptus, bark, wet leaves and a trace of smoke fills the air, a scent unique and somewhat intoxicating. I always thought that there was something so internally satisfying about the smell of the air after a day of rain. I look down at my converses which are now brown, covered with evidence of yesterday’s storm. I marvel at the incredible architecture, some buildings, an homage to the Victorian Era through the aged brick and intricate designs and some buildings or shall I say skyscrapers stand tall with thousands of windows celebrating Sydney as a modern metropolis. The city, a perfect contrast of the old with the new. Behind the thick fog, I can faintly see the harbour bridge, an Australian icon and wonder how many people have come to this city and marvelled at this famous arch. As I sit on this stone bench, I can hear police sirens wailing in the distance, drilling and hammering at a nearby construction sight and the sound of people cursing as they sit in their car crawling along in the traffic, a somewhat rite of passage in this city, one that I know too well.

Away from the architecture, the weather and the traffic. I find myself thinking about the city dwellers that crowd the street. A corporate CEO with his eyes locked on his mobile screen walks alongside the family of tourists that are click, click, clicking away at their cameras. Today thousands of people will walk the streets, people from all walks of life, people of all ages and people from all around the world, each person viewing the city from a different perspective.


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  1. Dear Alina,

    The depiction of Sydney that you presented was something that I found, really captured the aesthetic of the city from an external outlook. The central ideas of bustle as well as calm observation were a nice balance, regardless of the stark contrast between the busy and the quiet. I really enjoyed your insight on how vast the city is, both in architecture and nature, to the people and stories that pass through it. The listing of the types of weather that occurred over the 24 hours mentioned, also allowed for a more continuous idea of the city, as this painted a very clear image of Sydney across different seasons and weather patterns that are indeed, part of what makes Sydney itself. The mention of Victorian influence was also really good! It touched on our current topic, so that’s also really helpful. Maybe even a photo of the Queen Victoria Building would have added a little extra to this blog. The only other thing I would do to change it, would be to just go over it and ensure there are enough commas put in place, to break up the narration a little. This would also help to give it a bit more flow, as the narrator is recalling iconic parts of the city as if from memory as well as what they currently see.


  2. This is a really good description of Sydney in all its variety. Well done! But I am not sure that I can see a Dickensian flavour here! You could amplify the length of your sentences and your repetitions of key phrases to give it a more distinctly Dickensian quality…. what do you think Alina????


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